Workshops Bringing Memories of Maxims To Life

27 NOV 2017

Creative writing workshops, which will turn people’s memories of Newcastle-under-Lyme’s oldest building into a script for live theatre, have been taking place at the town’s New Vic theatre

People shared their memories of the historic building on Lower Street, including from when it was Maxims nightclub, as part of the Maxims Live! campaign, which was organised by care village operator Belong and the New Vic theatre. They have been attending the writing workshops along with other members of the public with a strong story to share.

Tracy Paine, Deputy Chief Executive at Belong, said: “We are absolutely delighted with the response to the Maxims Live! campaign and the number of people attending the creative writing workshops. It has been wonderful to hear so many fascinating stories about Maxims and the building’s less recent past. It’s not too late for people to share their memories with us and be part of the project, so we encourage anyone with a story to tell to come along to one of the remaining workshops.”

Sue Moffat, Director of New Vic Borderlines project, said: “We are really enjoying hosting the creative writing workshops. They are a great chance for people to see the creative process involved in writing a script for a play, and it will be wonderful to see people’s memories come to life!”

After the script is finished, rehearsals for the live show will take place later in the year, and the play will be performed at the Belong Heritage Gallery when it opens next year and at the New Vic theatre.

The workshops are taking place every Wednesday at the New Vic theatre between from 10.30am and 1.30pm, with the final session will be on 6th December.