The Belong Heritage Gallery forms part of the village centre that is open to the public. It builds on Belong’s expertise as a provider of services for people with dementia and the building’s colourful past to create a local facility that links the past and the present and becomes known as a beacon of excellence in supporting people with dementia.

The gallery houses the Experience Day service, which enables older people to access activities in a structured and supported way (a type of day care). Its facilities provide the venue for a range of heritage activities that are open to people in the local community.

Our Experience Days run from 10am to 4pm, and lunch is provided in the Belong Bistro. To book a taster day, call 01782 581351 or email enquiries@belong.org.uk


Themed around the building’s heritage as the town’s only pottery, (1724-1752) Samuel Bell’s Tea Room provides a relaxed space in which to enjoy the nation’s favourite beverage and reflect on its historical origins.

It was the arrival of tea drinking in Britain in the 18th century which helped create the demand for local ceramics. (Tea drinking more than quadrupled in Britain in these three decades and had replaced gin as the national drink by the end of the 18th century!)

The tea room opens out onto a courtyard which is a central outside space in the village, between the Belong Heritage Gallery and the village bistro.


The hair salon provides a ladies and gents hairdressing service, with modern hairstyles in a heritage setting!

The wider village centre will also include a therapy room and nail bar. These facilities are open to members of the public as well as people living in the village.


As the name suggests, this room is the venue for crafts and activities for Experience Day customers, village residents including apartment residents, and members of the public.

Activities will be varied, primarily taking the lead from the interests of the customer group, but typically these include local history talks, crafts, flower arranging and activities inspired by seasonal events, such as hat decorating at Easter, or by the local area, such as clay modelling or hat making. There is also access to a special needs adapted pottery wheel here.


Exhibitions chart the working history of Newcastle and are supported by displays with loan items from the Brampton Museum and Apedale Heritage Centre.

The exhibition celebrates important local trades which once dominated Newcastle. These include mining, silk weaving, clock making and the hatting industry. Visitors are also welcome to try on some of our hats!

We also operate a memory box loan service for local organisations who would like to use these with our customers. Please contact enquiries@belong.org.uk if you would like more information about this.


Next door to the reminiscence lounge, The Old Pomona Inn recreates the former public house and include a licensed bar.

It celebrates Newcastle’s importance as a coaching town in the 18th century (hence the building’s use as public house) as it was on the main road from Liverpool and Manchester to Birmingham and London.


On the other side of the reminiscence lounge is located a library, a relaxed space where people can browse books, including some on the history of the local area.

This space can also be used for small group activities, such as poetry reading or writing, coffee mornings or ‘what the papers say’ discussions. There are also terminals to access the Internet and free wi-fi throughout the village.


If you are interested in hiring spaces within the Belong Heritage Gallery, contact us for information regarding capacity, catering and pricing using the details below.